Whites, Lights and Naturals

I have arranged here all of our white and extra light fabrics, organized by type.  They are primarily used for underclothing, blouses, aprons and pinafores and it can be confusing to understand which ones work best for each kind of garment.  I trust you will find the explanations helpful.  If you have more questions, please contact me and I'll be happy to lend a hand. 

Below each of the products you will see a measurement in ounces (ex. 3oz).  This is how much a square yard weighs and will help you get a sense of which fabrics are lighter and heavier.  As a comparison, our standard quilting cottons are about 4oz and our Tropical Breeze poly/cottons about 3oz.


The main difference between the tropical breeze and poplins are weight and drape.  The TB is softer and has a nice drape.  The poplins are a bit stiffer but also heftier. We like them for blouses. The others are all nice to try if you want something a bit different.


White tropical breeze poly/cotton. 3oz

Good for shirts and underclothing


Cream tropical breeze poly/cotton. 3oz

Good for shirts and underclothing


White poplin poly/cotton 3.5oz

Excellent for shirts and blouses, heavier than the tropical breeze


Ivory poplin poly/cotton 3.5oz

Excellent for shirts and blouses, heavier than the tropical breeze


White baby wale pique in dacron/cotton blend.  3oz

Really nice for slips


White birds eye pique in dacron/cotton blend 3oz

Really nice for slips and any other general use


White 100% polyester

Good for slips for those who prefer all poly content


These are the lightest fabrics we carry and are mostly used for bloomers, slips, pantaloons etc for use in warm weather.  If you use them for any other garment you will need to wear something underneath as they are not fully opaque



White cotton batiste 2.5oz

Best for underclothing and somewhat sheer

Muslin and Flannel

These are the staples.  We make more slips, bloomers, pinafores and pantaloons in these fabrics than in anything else.  They are a good year round weight and our muslins come from a quilting fabric company that does not overprocess or overbleach them. 


True white cotton muslin 4oz

All purpose underclothing and old fashioned pinafores


Warm white muslin 4oz

A very subtle off white. All purpose underclothing and old fashioned pinafores


Natural, unbleached muslin 4oz

All purpose underclothing and pinafores

You are most welcome to state your preference between white or cream colored flannel. Unfortunately, they are terribly difficult to keep in stock. We will therefore use what we have available. If we have both, I shall of course use your preferred one.


White or cream cotton flannel--what we have in stock varies based on availability 4.5oz

Best for winter underclothing

Clothing Cottons

Use these 100% cottons for shirts, blouses, pinafores and anything else you need in white that is not underclothing.


White solid cotton 4.3oz

Our all purpose cotton


Snow solid cotton 4.3 oz

Our all purpose cotton


White organic cotton 4.7oz

A bit heavier


White pima wale cotton pique 4.5oz

Lovely raised wale pattern pique. Very nice for shirts/blouses


White pima cotton lawn 2.5oz

Lightweight lawn is especially nice for blouses. You may need a camisole underneath


White cotton seersucker 3.5oz

Our very favorite fabric for girl's peasant/raglan tops. We also don't bother with ironing.


White cotton heavier birds eye pique 6oz

A good hefty weight and really nice for a warm nightgown.  Too heavy for any garment with a collar