Denim, Chambray and Linen Fabrics

Denim and chambray fabrics are fabulous.  You can use them for dresses, skirts, jumpers and just about anything that looks good in a slightly heavier fabric.  Our denims are not jean weight but dress weight at 6oz per square yard and our denim chambrays are 4.5-5 ounces per square yard.  Denim and chambray are yarn dyed fabrics which means that the color is dyed through the fabric and not printed on top.  Because of this you will notice variations and irregularities in the fabric like slight changes in color and slubs in the weave.  These are not flaws but a natural part of yarn dyed fabrics. Unlike our printed fabrics that can only be ordered once, we try to keep a good number of them in stock and reorder whenever possible.  Please do not use denims for underclothing or anything else that requires a lightweight fabric as you simply won't be pleased with the result.  If you love the look of denim but live in a warm place, try one of the chambrays.  The yarn dye process creates a weave that we think makes them cool and comfortable.  As usual, we give you the best pictures we can but if you are at all unsure about a fabric, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for a swatch before ordering.  Graceful Threads, PO Box 380, Otis MA 01253. 

See further down for an explanation of our linens.


Black washed denim


Indigo blue very dark denim


Navy blue denim-Out of stock


Blue denim


Dark blue denim



Bleach blue chambray


Western blue chambray


Boysenberry chambray


Robins Egg blue sunwashed chambray


Yellow sunwashed chambray


Green apple sunwashed chambray


Black chambray


Sorbet chambray--limited stock. Check before ordering


Camel chambray


Brown chambray


Oregano chambray


Buttercup chambray


Lagoon chambray

Organic Chambrays:

Our organic chambrays below come from Birch Fabrics and have a beautiful, luxurious drape.  They are lightweight and rich in texture. To order these fabrics in a garment please contact us  ( with the garment style and size for an exact price. 


Organic slate chambray


Organic forest chambray


Organic timber chambray


Organic mineral chambray

Linen Blends:

Linen blend fabrics are fabulous year round but I enjoy them the most in the summer when it is hot and muggy.  In the winter I layer them with warm shirts.  As much as I'd like to offer you 100% linen fabrics, the price point is simply much too high for what most of our customer base would appreciate. I have instead restocked this linen section with Kaufman's Essex Yarn dyed collection.  The yarn dye effect gives a real linen look even though the fabrics are 55% linen and 45% cotton.  They are 5.6 oz per square yard and have a reasonable heft.  The cotton content softens the harder flax content and I think creates a really nice feel and drape.  I would recommend washing in cold water on delicate cycle and hanging or laying to dry. I am lazy about ironing these fabrics and put them in the dryer for about 20 minutes and then hang to dry.  Linen shrinks a bit the first few times it is washed.  While you may not even notice, if you like a dress or skirt a very specific length, add an inch or two for good measure.  You may iron linen to start off the day with a pressed look or leave it alone for a nice wrinkled look.  I hope you enjoy the new colors.

All solid fabrics are 55% linen and 45% cotton unless otherwise specified.  The three calicos are 70% cotton and 30% linen and have a nice heavy heft and would be best for winter.


Glacier blue linen blend

55% linen, 45% rayon


Light blue linen blend



Dusty rose linen blend



Chambray yarn dye linen blend


Leather yarn dye linen blend


Shale yarn dye linen blend


Charcoal yarn dye linen blend


Rust yarn dye linen blend


Enough left for a skirt or girl's dress


Denim blue calico--heavier weight


Dark tan calico. A bit darker than pictured-Heavier weight


Rose calico--Heavier weight



Denim linen

59% cotton, 41% linen